2012 Coastal America Partnership Award Winners Announced   Leave a comment


Senior Obama Administration Leadership from each of Coastal America’s eight core agencies unanimously agreed upon the slate of National Partnership Awards and one Special Recognition Award.

Since 1997, the Coastal America Awards Program has recognized outstanding collaborative projects and excellence in leadership for protecting, preserving and restoring the nation’s coastal resources. As always nominations are carefully reviewed by an inter-agency committee and approved by political leadership representing the Obama Administration. Selection criteria require that successful projects include at least one federal agency partner as well as one non-federal entity, clearly demonstrate the “value added” of the partnership effort, reflect an innovative or unique way of accomplishing stated goals and objectives with positive environmental results, and contribute to the accomplishment of Coastal America’s objectives to restore and protect resources and to increase public awareness of the coastal and marine environment. Click here for a complete list of winners http://coastalamerica.gov/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=364&Itemid=109

Click here to view our Awards Program.

Award Announcement 2012

Award Announcement 2012_Page_1 Award Announcement 2012_Page_3 Award Announcement 2012_Page_2

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