CWRP In High Gear For 2013   Leave a comment


Left to Right: John Mackenzie CWRP Founder (Gillette-retired) , Pat Hester (Spectra Energy), George Olson (Proctor & Gamble) and Frank Sweet (AECOM).

The New Year started off with a bang as members of the Coastal Wetlands Restoration Partnership (CWRP) Executive Committee met with Ralph Cantral, Coastal America Partnership’s (CAP) Acting Director. Cantral met with John Mackenzie, Director of the CWRP; Pat Hester of Spectra Energy; George Olson of Proctor and Gamble, Frank Sweet of AECOM; and Bill Hubbard, Director of the Coastal America Foundation on January 11 to discuss the future direction of their collaboration and set objectives for 2013 and beyond. The meeting was hosted by AECOM at their Boston office.
Cantral stated that the meeting was essential to maintaining the positive working relationship between the Federal agencies and the Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership and added: “Support by our corporate partners is becoming ever more critical to our success as Federal agency budgets decrease in these tight budget years. The private sector can be the determining factor as to whether many restoration projects can actually move from the drawing board to on-the-ground success.”

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